The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data to report.

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Not able to import excel spreadsheet into Office 365 site.

Add Office 365 SharePoint site to trusted sites in Internet Explorer the sims 2 for free.

Here is How to Add SharePoint Site to Trusted Sites Zone:
Go to Internet Explorer >> Click on “Tools” Menu >> Internet Options >> Security >> Trusted Sites >> click on “Sites” button and Enter the URL of your SharePoint Site >> Click on “Add” spiele herunterladen ohne passwort.


Top Sharepoint Blogs

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Mark Jones Mark Jones
187 items   325 followers   530 votes   220.75k views

SharePoint Blogs

SharePoint blogs to help new and experienced developers, business users get up to speed. Sorry - but trying to keep it to English language blogs at the moment.


Jan 23, 2013 - - 34334
Marc D Anderson's Blog

A Knowledge Management Zealot Speaks Out

Feb 20, 2013 - - 27654

The aggregated blog from the SharePoint community

Jan 29, 2013 by Jeff DeMarchi - - 29811
Absolute SharePoint Blog

A blog made by a SharePoint Professional Consultant. This blog gives a lot of information about SharePoint

Jan 28, 2013 - - 31111
SharePoint Analyst HQ

Great blog for power users, end users and business analysts. Michael has a very clear writing style and covers a topic really well. One of my personal favourites.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 25836
Collaboris SharePoint Blog

'How To SharePoint' blog is brought to your by Collaboris and explains how to do common tasks in SharePoint, ranging from novice to development using Powershell and .Net.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 31406
Andrew Connell Blog

Andrew Connell is an MVP, speaker, trainer, author and one of the biggest SharePoint influencers in the world. His blog is full of great information mainly aimed at developers.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 30008
Views from Veronique

This blog is about teaching the benefits of SharePoint to business users. It is a non technical blog on out of box SharePoint standard features for team sites. It discusses user adoption issues of SharePoint, ie: governance, training, communication and evangelism; as well as leadership skills.

Jan 24, 2013 by Ryan Wheeler - - 27922
Tobias Zimmergren's thoughts on development

Tobias is most famous for his 'SharePoint Discussions' product. About himself he writes 'An energetic, focused and business-minded entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the Microsoft product stack. Currently I’m heavily involved in developing SharePoint business solutions for our clients and partners, where focus is on high-quality and long-lasting solutions.'

Oct 29, 2013 by Hemant Kumar - - 28291
SharePoint Blogs

Share your experience and knowledge in SharePoint.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 31010

Dave has 19 years working in the IT industry with 12 of those working in the education sector and i have worked with many versions of Windows server, Exchange, SQL Server. Over the last few years i have been specializing in SharePoint starting with SharePoint team services back in 2001 through SharePoint portal server 2003 with Class Server, SharePoint 2007 and now SharePoint 2010 after introducing SharePoint into Twynham and making it a key component of their IT strategy.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 26495
Jeremy Thake's musings

Jeremy Thake was born in a little town called Great Dunmow in the county of Essex in England, UK. I went to university at Brunel in Uxbridge, England and after graduating with first honours moved to Perth, Western Australia. He lived there for 8 years, picking up the Australian twang in the process, working as a SharePoint Consultant, starting as a .NET developer and maturing into an Architect. In 2010 Jeremy moved to New York to work for AvePoint Inc. as their Chief Architect.

Jeremy alongside Joel Oleson, is often voted most influential person in SharePoint.

Jan 28, 2013 - - 34520
Chris O'Brien Blog

Chris is a deep technical expert on SharePoint development. I simply don't know how he finds the time to write such quality content. If you are a developer this is a must read.

Feb 04, 2013 by Wendy Neal - - 25834
SharePointWendy | Wendy Neal's SharePoint Blog

A blog about all things SharePoint. Topics are focused on development, administration, branding and design, user adoption, training, and community.

Feb 04, 2013 by Kerem Özen - - 28921
Kerem Ozen's Blog

Kerem Özen, MCPD, PMP, works as a Senior Software Engineer and Lead Developer for STM A.S, a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Ankara, Turkey. With over 10 years’ experience developing, designing and implementing Internet-based software, Kerem has spent his past five years designing and developing SharePoint portal solutions. His recent focus has been on project management, Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Aug 04, 2014 by Alexander Krupsky - - 29619
Share Notes

In development practice you deal with various type of issues which takes a lot of time. Sometimes these issues come back in other projects and you do not remember how did you solve them. It's terrible because you should have to do research again. To reduce efforts you can use Knowledge Base which contains links to useful topics, examples and pieces of code as it's done on this site.

Feb 12, 2013 - - 32429
Home - Laura Rogers @WonderLaura

"I formerly worked in SharePoint in the healthcare industry for several years, and then for SharePoint911 for a couple of years, which was bought by Rackspace. I have 13 years of experience with Microsoft's messaging and collaboration systems. This includes eightyears in SharePoint implementation, training, and customization." - About Laura

Feb 01, 2013 by Julian Colls - - 30306
PointBeyond Blog

Our blog gives us the opportunity to share with you our team's considerable knowledge and experience. In particular, we focus on topics relevant to using SharePoint as a platform for quickly delivering business applications.

Feb 03, 2013 by Andrew Wright - - 31356
Paul Culmsee - CleverWorkarounds

If you are an IT decision maker, and non propeller-head, or simply interested in topics on the softer side on people and technology, then the articles listed on the right side of this screen are probably for you. For the technical oriented readers, the left side is probably what you are looking for. I do write long posts, I’ll admit, but I try and keep them interesting with some humour.

Jan 23, 2013 - - 26838
The SharePoint Blog

The Microsoft SharePoint blog has a range of SharePoint related articles for IT professionals, developers, business analysts, and project managers.

Feb 11, 2013 by Jon Silver - - 26830
Joel's SharePoint Architect Blog

SharePoint 2013 Training, Architecture, Administration and Development

Jan 23, 2013 by Helen Jones - - 26825
A soldier of fortune

A huge greeting from Vietnam. My name is Thuan, SharePoint MVP (2011, 2012). I’m currently working as Senior Infrastructure Architect at Bellamys IT International located in United States. My main duties are planning and designing infrastructure and solution architecture on Microsoft technologies, managing enterprise-class environment, providing best practices for deploying technologies to completely reach to business objectives.

Jan 24, 2013 - - 29591
Pentalogic Technology Blog

This blog contains news such as new product releases and updates along with hints, tips and ideas about how to use SharePoint more effectively in your organisation.

Apr 24, 2013 - - 32042
SharePoint Strategy: Certified Salem™ Practitioner for SharePoint™

"The types of clients we were dealing with weren't taking SharePoint seriously..." Partner CEO The issue of clients not seeking or taking professional advice has been on my mind for some years but listening to the increasing vocal agreement by expert consultants in SharePoint™-land, it is time to scope out the simple problem - that the client isn't always right and more often than not they are wrong, rightly or wrongly.

Sep 19, 2014 by Roger Haueter - - 28922 // Roger Haueter, Microsoft MVP on SharePoint Server

Roger is a SharePoint Consultant, Blogger and SharePoint MVP based in Bern, Switzerland. He's one of the community leaders of, founder of the SharePoint Community Mittelland ( and author of the well known german SharePoint Blog ( He primarily focuses on architecture, conception and engineering of SharePoint platforms.

Apr 09, 2013 - - 29260
Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Blog

Todd has been a professional computer nerd for over 15 years, specializing in SharePoint for the last eight years. His love affair with SharePoint began one slow day at the office when he discovered SharePoint Team Services 1.0 on the Office XP CD that was holding up his coffee cup, and decided to install it. The rest is history

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